Trouble in Terrorist Town - TTT - Scout Deagle Massacre01:39

Trouble in Terrorist Town - TTT - Scout Deagle Massacre


"Why do you have a Deagle? Me and GalacticProton have the only 2 on the map..."

- ImWashington


The Deagle, also known as the Desert Eagle is weapon available to all players. It goes in the secondary weapon slot. The Deagle and the Revolver is the only secondary weapon that if you get a headshot it's an instant kill. The Deagle is commonly used by traitors to headshot people to kill them quickly before they have a chance to shoot. The Deagle, if not a headshot gets about 20 to 40 damage on the person if at close range. The Deagle is a terrible weapon for long range. The Deagle can fire 8 bullets before it needs to reload. It can hold 24 bullets more maximum. The Deagle is not unlike the shotgun as it kills instanly with a headshot and it is a close range weapon.


In Counter-Strike Source, the Desert Eagle had to be nerfed because it was far too accurate and powerful. Some servers still use the old version of the Deagle, making it extremely useful.

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