Garrys Mod TTT Death Station Kills Kolpy04:04

Garrys Mod TTT Death Station Kills Kolpy

Dont touch that it's probobly a death station

- Bonyon

Death Station

The Death station is an item that the traitors can buy with credits on some but not all servers. The death station looks exactly the same as a health station but does the opposite, it kills whoever uses it. The traitors know when it is a death station but the innocents do not. The death station is fun but should not be relied on to kill lots of people as the innocents will start to get suspicious if there are dead bodies around the "health station". However it is good to buy on the spot if the detective is missing in action and a lot of people are hurt it might get some people. The death station can be traced back to you with DNA but that won't be a problem if you use a decoy. 

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