Flare Gun is Overpowered Montage03:52

Flare Gun is Overpowered Montage


"That guy over there just burned Pikacat's body with a flare gun"

- LordNarion

Flare GunEdit

A Flare Gun is a weapons available in the traitor shop. It is in the #7 slot and can be used as a weapon or to burn corpses so that no one can find them. Burning corpses is a good idea if no one is around and you can't drag them off somewhere. It is generally not recommended to use this against corpses not killed by you, as ammo is scarce.

The Flare Gun only has 4 bullets and can not be reloaded, so use your shots wisely. An innocent or detective will not have much need for this weapon. The Flare Gun can be used as a weapon but it doesn't kill easily. It does 50 damage with one bullet by burning them for about 5 to 10 seconds.

The firing sound of a flare gun is very distinct and can be heard at close-range. When a body is done burning, under the location of the body there will be a small black mark which may cause paranoia if someone notices.


- It was originally supposed to have 10 bullets but the creators supposed that it would be too easy to get rid of lots of corpses

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