Im with Elite assasin oh never mind he has a H.U.G.E if he shoots me im 100% sure that i'm going to win.



The H.U.G.E is a weapon available to all players in TTT.  It is a machine gun that is heavy and it has a high level of recoil. The H.U.G.E cannot reload as it does not take any other type of ammo available in the game, so when you run out of ammo, it gives you incentive to find a new gun. The H.U.G.E can hold 150 bullets. After you fire 5-10 shots, the recoil will begin to rapidly increase. The H.U.G.E deals about 7 damage most each shot, so the victim has enough time to see who is shooting, call them out, and then fire at them if not kill them. 


The H.U.G.E is based off of the M249, a popular miltary-grade machine gun.

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