Garrys Mod TTT Mac 10 For The Win01:36

Garrys Mod TTT Mac 10 For The Win


"KOS somebody with a MAC-10" - SpiderNinja

The MAC-10 is a sub machine gun that is commonly found on the floor in most maps. It is light and has very little recoil compared to the other available automatic weapons, such as the the H.U.G.E.  The MAC-10 also has a fast firing rate, allowing a terrorist to kill people quickly when aimed correctly. The MAC-10 has a 30 round magazine and has 60 rounds or 2 more magazines in reserve. The MAC-10 uses SMG ammo.


The MAC-10 was originally going to be able to hold 4 clips instead of 2, but the creators decided it would be too unbalanced.

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