Newton Launcher Roof tops, you're gonna have a bad time01:09

Newton Launcher Roof tops, you're gonna have a bad time. TTT w Baneless


Looks like a weapon from an alien movie right?

Why does DanielAFK have a newton launcher if he is a detective?

- Edward Kenway

Newton LauncherEdit

The Newton Launcher is a weapon that can be bought by traitors in the traitor shop. The Newton Launcher has unlimited ammo, but takes a few seconds to recharge after each shot. It deals about 2 to 5 damage when it pushes you. Anyone skilled enough to use this weapon can easily get a high amount of kills, but it should not be used in maps without high cliffs (I.E 67th Way or Office).


The Newton Launcher is a re-animated version of the Physics Gun, though its animations are different the textures are the same.

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