"Draevon is the primary target. Take him out and we win"

SPX Jack Bauer to SPX Ninetails

Operation Deadshot overviewEdit

The idea of Operation deadshot is to take out one primary target usually a very skilled player or a detective. The idea is that you know you probobly aren't going to get out alive. It doesn't matter how or where you kill, him as long as he ends up dead. If you are going to do this make sure  that taking out this specific person is worth it. Ideal weapons would be a knife if it's a 1-hit KO or any 1 hit KO weapons the server might have. second best is a Jihad bomb as long as you make sure to get your target. This operation is fairly easy as there are pleny of way to kill just one person. The AK47 is NOT recommended here, as an innocent will pick it up when you die. In addition, it's just not as effective as a knife or a Jihad. The good old fashioned Shotgun works too. Also the galil if your server has it. Once your target is dead then (assuming that you didnt Jihad) just begin Operation Rambo and try to take down as many people as you can. However this is an extended part of Operation Deadshot and you will probably be killed right after you kill your target. It would be better to do it in front of people so that your target will feel more secure. 

Minumum Kills: 1 (just your target)

Goal: 1 Kill

Popular targets for Operation DeadshotEdit

1. The detective

2. A very skilled player

3. Someone who has DNA evedence on you or your traitor buddy

4. The last innocent alive

5. someone who is suspicious of you and/or following you

6. your best friend

When to do Operation DeadshotEdit

1. When you are at low health (High Health works too)

2. When there is a target that MUST be killed

When NOT to do Operation DeadshotEdit

1. When there is nobody specific to be killed

2. When things are going good for the traitors

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