"you're worse than a traitor, Nina. You don't have a cause. You don't believe in anything"

- Jack Bauer

Overview of Operation Nina MyersEdit

This Operation is simple to put here but a lot harder to actually do. THis is where you are a traitor but act as an innocent untill towards the end of the round. Operation Nina Myers should only be done if you have traitor buddies. The idea is that your traitor buddies go around doing normal traitor things and you act as an innocent and make sure everybody is convinced you are not a traitor. If there is a defib on the server you can kill your traitor buddy, ID his body, say that your proven, and then defib him and then he will proceed doing Silent Assassin Operation while you are perfecting your cover. Generally you want to kill noone so that noone will have any reason to suspect you in any way. Also generally you dont want to start killing until there are 5 or less people left. For this to work a lot of trust has to be put into your traitor buddies so only do this if you are confident in their ability to play along. 

Ways to establish your coverEdit

1. Kill your traitor buddy and then defib him (If server has a defib)

2. If there are 3 or more traitors have one do Operation Rambo and then you will help to shoot at him (miss on purpose). This will firmly establish your cover plus some people will have been killed. The other traitor(s) will proceed doing Silent Assassin Operation. 

3. Protect and help out the detective

4. Say that you were tested (A bit risky)

5. If a fellow traitor dies ID the body and say that you killed him, then get rid of the body (or defib if your server has it)

6. Use your wits to convince everyone you are innocent

When to doEdit

1. When there are 2 or more traitors

When not to doEdit

1. When you are the only traitor*


  • You can call false KOS' but then that gets a lot more risky and the whole point of this is to last until the end

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