TTT Rampage03:36

TTT Rampage

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"Kill Thomdar hes killing EVERYBODY"

-NG Matt

Operation Rambo OverviewEdit

Operation Rambo is a traitor strategy in which the traitor can be alone or with traitor buddies it doesnt matter but the traitor does not need anyone else's help. Basically the idea is that a traitor generally gets an AK47 and a bulletproof vest (Each traitor may have different prefrences athough a knife would be terrible as it will only kill 1 person) and go on a rampage and kill as many people as possible. Everyone will know you are a traitor but you are just killing as many people as possible and if you have the opportunity when you get to less than 20 health Jihad. If you killed 3 or less people this Operation failed. 4 or more this succeeded

When Operation Rambo is a good ideaEdit

1. When you are the last traitor alive

2. When it is the begining of the round and you cant think of a better idea

3. When everybody is grouped together

4. When you just feel like shooting people

When NOT to do Operation RamboEdit

1. When you do not have a bulletproof vest

2. When you have low health (Then just Jihad)

3. When the innocent traitor ratio is even or there are more traitors

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