TTT A Rdm montage

TTT A Rdm montage

RDM stands for Random Deathmatch. RDM is usually when you kill someone for no reason. RDM gets dealt with using the server's reporting system (usually a box pops up when you die asking if your death was an RDM) or talking to the staff (usually @ before a message in chat).

It is RDM when: Edit

  • There was not strong/enough evidence.
  • As a Traitor killing a fellow Traitor on purpose.
  • You get any evidence from ghosting.
  • A Traitor Jihad-bombs a fellow Traitor on purpose.
  • You kill a proven Innocent or a Detective but you're not a Traitor.

It isn't RDM when: Edit

  • There is evidence to show the killed person RDM'd. 
  • You kill someone by accident in a firefight. 
  • The person was Traitor baiting.(Pretending to be a Traitor) 
  • a Traitor kills an Innocent or Detective. 

It may be RDM when (depends on server rules): Edit

  • You claim a room and kill anyone who enters. (Usually RDM)
  • You kill a proven Innocent with a T weapon as an Innocent. (Usually RDM)
  • You ask someone else to kill you. (Usually not RDM)
  • You shoot someone else without killing. (Sometimes RDM)
  • The killed person was seen killing people by any means. (Usually RDM)