SPACE TRAITOR (Trouble in Terrorist Town)

SPACE TRAITOR (Trouble in Terrorist Town)


The Traitor's Buy Menu.

"KOS dustyconnor he had a knife"

- Smeagol

What is a TraitorEdit

The Traitors are government agent's going undercover with the terrorists. They are there to stop the terrorists from doing something,it is not clear what it is they are trying to halt. Although it is believed to be a nuclear bomb. After the terrorist leader was tipped off that there were traitors infiltrating them,the traitors decided to finish off the terrorists before they do whatever they are going to do.


The Traitors are the medium sized group in TTT (25% of the population or one Traitor for every four players.) Their group color is red, but this is not displayed to anyone other than Traitors, or when a Traitor has been confirmed to be dead. Their job is to kill all of the Innocent players. Traitors have the toughest job because of how the Innocent normally group together. This disadvantage, however, can be their greatest strength, as when two or more Traitors team up, they can take down the entire group. Of course, other players will grow suspicious when players start disappearing. Be prepared to get scanned, killed, or have to do some killing. Traitors, like Detectives, can buy equipment, mostly weapons. Also like Detectives, Traitors can retrieve unspent equipment credits from dead Detectives and Traitors, and will be rewarded with a credit when a Detective is confirmed to be dead. There are many strategies that the traitors can use to win the round, including pretending to be an innocent and going on a killing spree.

The traitors also have special weapons, though most TTT servers will have their own weapons. Below is a list of default Traitor weapons:

  • Body Armor - Passively gives a 60% resistance to damage. Has no effect on the player's appearance.
  • Disguiser - Once purchased, the player may open the shop menu with C and click the Disguiser tab at the top. Then he may click the check box - this will disguise him. A disguised player has no name. This makes them an obvious Traitor, but since nobody can see their name, if the Traitor retreats, they can blend back in and nobody will know who was shooting. You can also bind a key to easily toggle the disguise.
  • Radar - Scans every 30 seconds, showing the location of every living player.
  • Silenced Pistol/HK USP- A silenced pistol allowing for medium range silent kills. Victims do not scream when killed. Does low damage and has mediocre accuracy.
  • Knife - Can be used to silently stab an unsuspecting victim, and can be thrown with right click. It deals about 50 damage and will tell you when you can get an instant kill when holding it. Like the silenced pistol, victims do not scream when killed.
  • C4 - A destructive timed bomb. The Bomb can be programmed to explode after any time between 45 seconds and 10 minutes. When it expires,it causes multiple deadly explosions that will kill anyone within a fairly long radius. Has a distinctive beep to alert the Innocents. Any Innocent can try to defuse it by cutting 1 of 6 wires at random, but the longer the timer is set for, the more likely they will cut a bad wire and cause it to explode instantly. Detectives can use Defusal Kits to more safely defuse C4.
  • Flare Gun - Shoots a flare to burn a dead body; can be used as a weapon, dealing about 50 damage over a short period of time. You only have four bullets in this gun so use wisely.
  • Newton Launcher - When fired at a physics prop or player, it will push that prop or player. Can be used to push people standing on a ledge over. Works at a long distance, but has a long recharge. Uses the physgun model, so if you hold it out you will be an obvious traitor.
  • Poltergeist - A special weapon that can be fired at any physics prop, attaching a thruster. The thruster will begin to thrust in short bursts, throwing the prop around violently and potentially killing anyone in it's way. As the thruster expires, the bursts will get faster until the thruster explodes, dealing damage to anything nearby. The Poltergeist has a long recharge and has no effect when fired on players.
  • Decoy - Can be used on a body to falsify evidence, causing the location revealed by a DNA test to be incorrect. Also gives a false radar signal, possibly confusing detectives.
  • Radio - Can be activated by opening the shop with C and clicking the Radio tab. From there, you can play a number of sounds from the radio, from gunfire to death screams to C4 beeping, which may lure players to or scare them away from the radio.

Below is a list of common weapons that are not part of the base gamemode:

  • Silenced/Unsilenced AWP - A silenced/unsilenced sniper rifle allowing for long range silent kills. Victims do not scream when killed. Does high damage and has mostly good accuracy.
  • Silent/Night Fox - A silenced sub-machine gun allowed for small range silent kills. Victims do not scream when killed. Does high damage and has poor accuracy.
  • Jihad Bomb - Once activated, the Traitor will go into a frenzy for about 2 seconds, screaming "ALLALALALALAALALALALA" and, unless an Innocent/Detective guns the Traitor down, will detonate and kill all surrounding players.
  • Death Station - The death station is what it says...A death station. Once placed anyone who uses this station will be killed, instantly. Not very useful in most situations since people will think "Where did that come from?". Its especially not worth it if an innocent sees someone get killed because of it. A common variant of the Death Station is the bomb station, which explodes instead of merely killing a player.
  • Turret - A placeable turret that will fire bullet at any living player in its range. Variations exist where the traitor who placed it does not take damage, but under most circumstances the turret targets all players.