rip off of ttt Town is a Trouble In Terrorist Town rip off game made by hunte922 on minecraft. This game uses 1 MB RAM and requires a stable internet connection as its a trash game lol

It looks like the Vanilla version on TTT but with a few additions.[Notes: some of the controls are differents, the full list is Here] The game is currently free to play but with some optional purchases in Robux that aren't necessary for the game.Items liek the molen rauncher and headtuekr can be p2w tho so....shush

  • The official game can be found [].

marc wa here Edit

  • == Currents Maps<sup>*</sup> ==

* 67thway - Remade into roblox by hoonte

* Detective HQ - is the worst map by far....



* Snowfall Complex - by Noob

* Monsoon - by NoobMcNoobly - old an dnew msonoosn

* Compound - by sam-

* Diabetese - by Valkyra - u might dide

* Mesa Monorail - by BloxaBrick - monobrow

<sup>*More Maps are coming soon</sup> *More Maps are coming


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