Traitor Town is a Trouble In Terrorist Town inspired game made by hoontee on ROBLOX. This game uses 1 GB RAM and requires a stable internet connection.

It looks like the Vanilla version on TTT but with a few additions.[Notes: some of the controls are differents, the full list is Here] The game is currently free to play but with some optional purchases in Robux that aren't necessary for the game.

  • The official game can be found here 

Traitor Town up for sale Edit

Due to Roblox consistently breaking Traitor Town every other week, and due to the need for an actual job, I'm gonna have to stop active development. See the group description for more info.


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<s>After several years in operation, I'm no longer able to work on this game consistently anymore, whether it be due to a continuous stream of new Roblox bugs or the changes in my personal life. If anyone would like to continue development on Traitor Town, it's up for sale assuming they have the proper resources. This game will not be sold to someone who doesn't know what they're doing.</s>Edit

pls sell it i want it to have it so cool

<s>Traitor Town Group Description</s>

Trivia Edit

  • Having a low karma [Under 250 Karma] will lead you to 3 hour ban
  • By getting 1000 points or buying any gamepass (except sound player) you will get access to 16 player mode and in some special moments to the Test servers.
  • You can join your friend by the friend list in the lobby of TT.
    • Also if you have entered the lobby, you need to wait until the friend list will appear.
    • If you don't have the score or buy any game passes to be premium, and your friend is in a premium, you will not be able to join them.