Traitor Town is the Trouble In Terrorist Town inspired game, made on ROBLOX engine by hunte922. Everything is the same, with a few additions. The game is currently a full game and free to play with some optional purchases that aren't necessary for the game. The official group for the game can be found here .


  • Pressing = ingame will give you a cat bag.
    • It doesn't protect you from damage aswell.
  • Having a low karma will lead you to 3 hour ban
  • By getting 500 points or buying any gamepass you will get access to 1v1,FFA and 16 player mode. This has now been replaced with Juggernaut, at least some.
  • You can join your friend by the friend list in the lobby of TT.
    • Also if you have entered the lobby, you need to wait until the friend list will appear

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