Traitor Town is a Trouble In Terrorist Town inspired game made by hunte922 on ROBLOX. This game uses 1 GB RAM and requires a stable internet connection.

It looks like the Vanilla version on TTT but with a few additions.[Notes: some of the controls are differents, the full list is Here] The game is currently free to play but with some optional purchases in Robux that aren't necessary for the game.

  • The official game can be found [Here].
  • The subreddit of Traitor Town can be found [Here].

Currents Maps* Edit

  • 67thway - Remade into roblox by hunte922
  • Detective HQ - by STQRMM
  • Snowfall Complex - by NoobMcNoobly
  • Monsoon - by NoobMcNoobly
  • Vista Overpass - by NoobMcNoobly
  • Compound - by samaxis
  • Diabeetus - by Valkyra
  • Mesa Monorail - by BloxaBrick

*More Maps are coming soon


  • Having a low karma [Under 250 Karma] will lead you to 3 hour ban
  • By getting 1000 points or buying any gamepass (except sound player) you will get access to 16 player mode and in some special moments to the Test servers
  • You can join your friend by the friend list in the lobby of TT.
    • Also if you have entered the lobby, you need to wait until the friend list will appear
    • If you dont have the score or buy any gamepasses to be premium, and your friend is in a premium, you will be not able to join him