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All default weapons along with equipments for detectives and traitors will be covered here.

Common WeaponsEdit



The M16 is a common assault rifle available to all players. The M16 has mediocore recoil and a low fire rate. It deals 23 damage on a body shot and 62 damage on a head shot. The M16 can fire 20 bullets before it needs to reload and can hold 60 more bullets in the form of 3 more magazines. 



The Mac10 is a sub machine gun that is available to all players. The Mac10 deals 12 damage per shot. If you land headshot, you can kill them in 4 rapid shots, doing 32 damage each. The MAC10 can fire 30 bullets before it has to reload and can hold 60 more bullets in the form of 2 magazines. The Mac10 is not good for long range due to the larger cone and the recoil. It also has a headshot damage reduction depending on the range so you cannot get lucky potshots at longer ranges. The Mac-10 uses the SMG ammunition. 



The Shotgun is a close range weapon available to all users. The shotgun can kill instantly if shot at the head at close range and brings the opponent to near death if shot in the chest. The shotgun makes a noticeably loud noise when fired. The shotgun can fire 8 shots before it has to reload and can hold 24 bullets at maximum. The shotgun reloads one bullet at a time instead of using magazines. Definitely not good for long range. The shotgun has headshot multiplier damage falloff, a shotgun headshot can do 3.1 times damage per pellet (34.1) at its closest range (140 units) to 1 times damage at its max distance. 



This gun is more commonly known as Sniper Rifle or Scout and is known for its long range and instant kills.This gun has the lowest fire rate of all guns. It holds 10 shots in one magazine, and can kill a player in 1 headshot (200 damage) and 2 torso shots (50 damage) or four limb shots (27 damage). If your Karma is low, it may take 3 body shots to kill a player because each one deals 50 damage on default. This is also dependent on if your target is wearing body armor which provides 30% damage reduction, bringing the bodyshot damage down to 35. This gun can be used similarly like a Deagle because it does not have an accuracy penalty up close making one-shot kills on head shots from close ranges often. It is not recommended to fight close range with a rifle unless you are going for an instant kill.

H.U.G.E. 249Edit

Huge 249

The H.U.G.E is a weapon available to all players in TTT. The H.U.G.E is arguably the worst gun in the game. It is a machine gun but it has a high amount of recoil. H.U.G.E. Is uncommonly used since it is impractical in most situations. The H.U.G.E. is not good for fast kills, as the recoil, low damage, and high rate of fire will make it hard for you to land all your shots and gives your target time to call you out, retaliate, or escape. The H.U.G.E cannot reload as it does not take any type of ammo available in the game so when you run out of ammo you need to find another H.U.G.E or get a new gun. The H.U.G.E can hold 150 bullets in total and deals 7 damage per torso shot, however due to the inaccuracy, most shots will hit a different body part, causing the damage to vary. 

Pistol/Five SevenEdit


The Pistol/Five Seven is a decent weapon that does not specialize in a particular category and gets the job done. It deals 25 Damage on a bodyshot and can also kill a player in 2-3 headshots, depending on your Karma and whether they are wearing body armour.



The Glock has a fast fire rate, 20 rounds in each magazine and can kill a player with 5 head shots and 9 torso shots. Most of the time, it is used as a backup weapon and/or finisher. However, it chews through ammo very quickly.


The Deagle, also known as the Desert Eagle is weapon available to all players. It goes in the secondary weapon slot. The Deagle is the only secondary weapon that instantly kills if you manage to land a headshot. The Deagle is commonly used by traitors to insta-kill others before they have a chance to shoot back. The Deagle deals 37 on a chest shot, making it also a good finisher weapon. It is also accurate at long range, but difficult to master. The Deagle can fire 8 bullets before it needs to reload. It can hold 36 bullets in the reserve. The Deagle is similar to the shotgun, as it kills instantly with a head shot and is an effective close range weapon, when the user has enough practice in getting headshots constantly.